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The Business Network Bolton & Bury Event With Free Morning Seminar

  • Cost: £35.00

    Age range: 18 - 99

  • Booking required: Yes
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Presenter - Adel Houten Mindmasters Corporate

Topic - 5 Steps from Stress to Success

Stress is more prevalent than ever in these demanding times, it impairs the immune system, paves the way for disease and is a killer. But have you ever wondered why two people can have the same experience and one isn’t fazed whereas the other is imploding with stress?

On this seminar you will not only gain a better understanding of what stress actually is but discover why some people appear to suffer from stress more than others. The thoughts in your head, your beliefs and even your physiology can all have an impact on the stress you experience. You will become more aware of the ‘stressors’ in your life and walk away with a plan of action to effectively deal with them. Empower yourself with knowledge and awareness and discover some simple techniques which will help you to get the better of stress before it gets the better of YOU.


What is stress?
The 2 major stress mechanisms
How stress in the mind can cause disease in the body
The 3 main approaches for managing stress
Stress diary
Hypno-meditation - The 10 min stress buster which is like hours of sleep

About the presenter

With over 10 years experience Adel Houten’s area of expertise lies in the field of personal development. She is highly skilled in the use of a range of exceptional mind management techniques such as hypnosis, EFT and NLP which are quick and effective tools to elicit personal transformation. She knows how to guide a person in identifying and removing the blocks which prevent them from being the best they can be. Through her business MindMasters Corporate she helps businesses to increase staff engagement and productivity with the use of integrated well being programmes designed to increase productivity and decrease stress and absenteeism in the workplace.

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